Client Project: Business Card

The Thesier-Tessier-Dechene-Brunet Family Reunion is celebrating its 90th anniversary family reunion this summer. A website was created to more easily share family history information, and a business card will be passed around at the reunion to help people stay connected. The maple leaf border motif is used to honor the family’s Canadian roots.  

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Christmas Music Wish List

Some albums that I need to add to my substantial collection. Some of these I used to own when I was younger but lost along the way, or exist as cassette tapes and I have no equipment with which to play them. UPDATE: Purchased Christmas Harmony 2017-01-17. Just as beautiful as when I first heard…

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Hello, Thingiverse!

Recently, my boyfriend was attending a bon voyage party for a mutual friend who was moving out of Boston for a new job in Pittsburgh. Each guest was asked to provide an ornament or a memento that would signify their friendship. One idea that BF came up with was gifting a Klein bottle, an odd…

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Hello, Airtable!

I keep losing things. I am forgetful. I am frustrated. I have a few spreadsheets that I’ve created to document the various collections of books, CDs, photos, etc that I have amassed over the years. I was using MediaMan for inventorying, but it hasn’t been maintained by the developer and so it doesn’t work very…

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