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Hello, Pinterest!

In the old days, newspapers printed occasional recipes that might be cut out and saved, likely taped to an index card and filed away in a tiny box. Then the Internet came along, and recipes could be found online. Maybe you printed them out, or stored them in your Netscape bookmarks. And then came,,…

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Hello, Dropbox!

So after some major data storage disasters (5 in the last two years!), I have decided to go the route of cloud-storage. I should have changed my ways when the first flash drive failed in Oct 2010. But no, I bought a new one (exact same brand) and it worked pretty well until I lost…

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Hello, MediaMan!

After attending a seminar on digital archives at Columbia University, I learned about personal library cataloging software. How many years have I worked in libraries, and yet, had never cataloged my own library? Granted, I did have a box of index cards of citations from college, but that was many years ago, and who knows…

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