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Humanmetrics Test

Results of an online test/survey by HUMANMETRICS. Go to this site, complete the ‘test,’ then go to or wikipedia for a full description of which personality you are, then find your Notes application, create a new note, copy and paste, and tag everyone who you think will actually do this thing. I’m INFJ:…

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What Spice Are You Test

Your result for What Spice Are You Test … You are Sage! 0% Habanero, 40% Sage, 20% Thyme, 30% Ginger, 0% Garlic, 0% Curry, 0% Cinnamon and 10% Oregano! Sage is a very classic herb.  You tend to use intelligence in making decisions instead of brute force. You are the type of person that people…

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The A-Muse-ing Test

Your result for The A-Muse-ing Test … Your muse is Urania! 20% Urania, 10% Clio, 10% Erato, 20% Euterpe, 10% Calliope, 0% Thalia, 10% Melpomene, 10% Polyhymnia and 10% Terpsichore! Urania is the “celestial one” of the muses.  She can tell the future by looking at the stars.  She keeps her eyes focused on the…

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