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Client Project: Business Card

The Thesier-Tessier-Dechene-Brunet Family Reunion is celebrating its 90th anniversary family reunion this summer. A website was created to more easily share family history information, and a business card will be passed around at the reunion to help people stay connected. The maple leaf border motif is used to honor the family’s Canadian roots.  

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Hello, Pinterest!

In the old days, newspapers printed occasional recipes that might be cut out and saved, likely taped to an index card and filed away in a tiny box. Then the Internet came along, and recipes could be found online. Maybe you printed them out, or stored them in your Netscape bookmarks. And then came,,…

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A Visit with Santa Vinnie

So my roommate and I decided to go see my friend, Vinnie Costa, who was working at Macy’s. He had previously worked as one of the helper elves, but this year, he went for the big time: Santa Claus. He had a blog with many funny stories about all that comes with the territory of…

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