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The ‘Which Downton Abbey Job is Right For You’ Test

Lady Edith Crawley Job-hopper, Edith’s numerous jobs are right for you. You like helping out and the feeling of self-worth derived from good work, and you are excellent (and impeccably dressed), whatever your responsibilities. But whether it’s impulsive behavior, romantic inclinations, or global circumstances beyond your control, something always spurs you to move on. Try…

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The ‘A-Muse-ing’ Test

Your result for The A-Muse-ing Test … Your muse is Urania! 20% Urania, 10% Clio, 10% Erato, 20% Euterpe, 10% Calliope, 0% Thalia, 10% Melpomene, 10% Polyhymnia and 10% Terpsichore!   Urania is the “celestial one” of the muses.  She can tell the future by looking at the stars.  She keeps her eyes focused on…

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