The ‘Who Would You Be in 1400 AD’ Test

The Prioress

You scored 5% Cardinal, 67% Monk, 59% Lady, and 46% Knight!

You are a moral person and are also highly intellectual. You like your solitude but are also kind and helpful to those around you. Guided by a belief in the goodness of mankind you will likely be christened a saint after your life is over. You scored high as both the Lady and the Monk. You can try again to get a more precise description of either the Monk or the lady, or you can be happy that you’re an individual.

Your Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

Cardinal Distribution

You scored 5% on Cardinal, higher than 1% of your peers.

Monk Distribution

You scored 67% on Monk, higher than 91% of your peers.

Lady Distribution

You scored 59% on Lady, higher than 85% of your peers

Knight Distribution

You scored 46% on Knight, higher than 52% of your peers.

Reaction: This seems about right, though I am really more of a gentleman, not a lady.

Want to take the test? Click here.


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