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Hello, Airbnb!

My new square dance traveling buddy and I have agreed to share lodging in Chicago for the Chi-Town Squares “The Great Chicago Crossfire” dance weekend, commonly known as a fly-in. It is held in October during Columbus Day weekend, which also happens to be Chicago Marathon weekend. Hotel prices are pretty steep, so another option…


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Third Time’s the Charm for Slack

Working efficiently in community teams can be challenging. I’ve joined a new committee for my local square dance community, and the chair strongly advocates using Slack over emails for sharing information. As previously noted with a different committee, Slack didn’t seem very useful. Maybe this time it will work? From what I can see, he…


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Hello, Thingiverse!

Recently, my boyfriend was attending a bon voyage party for a mutual friend who was moving out of Boston for a new job in Pittsburgh. Each guest was asked to provide an ornament or a memento that would signify their friendship. One idea that BF came up with was gifting a Klein bottle, an odd…

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Hello, Airtable!

I keep losing things. I am forgetful. I am frustrated. I have a few spreadsheets that I’ve created to document the various collections of books, CDs, photos, etc that I have amassed over the years. I was using MediaMan for inventorying, but it hasn’t been maintained by the developer and so it doesn’t work very…

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Hello, Pinterest!

In the old days, newspapers printed occasional recipes that might be cut out and saved, likely taped to an index card and filed away in a tiny box. Then the Internet came along, and recipes could be found online. Maybe you printed them out, or stored them in your Netscape bookmarks. Remember Netscape? And then…

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Hello, Shazam!

There we were, David and I, working the Saturday night coat check for the Big Apple Ranch country western dance. We volunteered our service and the fee and tips we received were donated to Queer Urban Orchestra (QUO.) Quo is still in its growing stage, and it needs all the funds it can get. No…

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Hello, Spotify!

Streaming music services are very convenient to search and save favorite songs. I was previously using Pandora, but was dissatisfied with it. While one may enter a few songs (create a station) to activate the algorithms to discover similar songs, one can not save these new discoveries and return to them. Enter Spotify! This service…

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