Client Project : T-shirt [2020 Peel the Pumpkin]

Once again, it was time to begin promoting the upcoming square dance fly-in for Ties Squares. For the previous three years, club members wore the t-shirt to give other square dancers something to talk about in Rehoboth Beach, DE at the Chesapeake Squares’ fly-in, “Pass the Ocean, Hon!” usually held late April.

The theme “Run, Monsters! Run!” was a throwback to classic Halloween characters, such as witches, skeletons, Frankenstein, and the Wolf Man. The arched outline suggests a headstone. Creepy.

Unfortunately, the OVID-19 pandemic shut down the country starting March, and there was no square dancing for the remainder of 2020. Worst time of our lives.

Fonts: iNked God, Poor Richard


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