Client Project : T-shirt [2018 LCFD Dance Camp]

My goal this year for LCFD is to present a cohesive marketing portfolio, using a stable and identifying graphic across all media outlets. I chose a prancing woodland creature, specifically Squirrel Nutkin from Beatrix Potter. Nutkin entered the public domain in 2016, which now allows others to interpret and transform this work for any purpose. Contradancing is a two-person dance, which is not necessarily the same as a couple dance. You are as likely to dance with your partner, as you are with your neighbor, which is part of its appeal.

So, creating a mirror image produces a couple of Nutkins, prancing and looking fey. Perfect for a gender-free dance weekend. Similar to last year’s design, I offered several colors to see which might draw a greater purchase. All four were pretty equally liked, and allowing people to advance order their preferred size and color choice made purchasing from the vendor relatively hassle-free.

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Fonts: Boucherie Frames (border), UnivrsityRoman Bd BT (text)


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