Client Project : T-shirt [2018 Peel the Pumpkin]

The annual square dance weekend, commonly referred to as a fly-in because people flew to these events, of the Times Squares club is approaching. 2017 did not have much a theme, and definitely was not branded. In fact, that group’s board voted to discontinue the event due to [perceived] lack of volunteers to organize it. Enter me, Kian, and Gabriel.

Within a month, we organized and contracted a hotel, created a budget, and designed a flyer to promote the event. We convinced the board to reverse its decision, and so we moved forward. The next item was to design a t-shirt, which is a walking advertisement for the event.

The circus tent graphic was crisp and clean, and easily became the event’s icon. Printing it on the front was requested, though I probably would have skipped it.

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Fonts: Argon PERSONAL, Wingdings 2 (Stars), Neutra Display Titling, Grand Hotel, Neutra Text


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