Professional Services

 Making the past present

Researching your family history can be fun and rewarding, and can be a joy to share with the generations to come.

Sometimes you need a little extra help putting the pieces together, or breaking down that brick wall.

Open Book Genealogy is here to help you!

How This Works

Every research project is unique is terms of people, places, time periods, and availability of records. Open Book Genealogy can help you achieve your goals in a three-step process.

Planning &  Preparation

First, we begin by reviewing the information you have, and formulating a research question. Based on the question, a list of records that could provide new information or answers is prepared.

Research & Analysis

Next, the work begins. Records are accessed and information extracted. Photocopies may be made to be included in the final report.The new information is analyzed to confirm or disprove prior findings and to create new paths of discovery.

Conclusion & Reporting

Finally, a conclusion or summary is created, and is fully supported with the evidence gathered.

The report, well-organized and fully sourced, is written and sent to you. Recommendations for further research may be included.

For more information about hiring a genealogist, click here to read this brochure.

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