Hello, Pinterest!

In the old days, newspapers printed occasional recipes that might be cut out and saved, likely taped to an index card and filed away in a tiny box. Then the Internet came along, and recipes could be found online. Maybe you printed them out, or stored them in your Netscape bookmarks. Remember Netscape?

And then came, del.icio.us, which allowed you to create your own groupings, and share them with friends. But the service originally did not display pictures along with the links. So I wandered away from it, and left it idle for several years.

I waited some time before jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon, but I am very glad I finally did. Besides having the ability to modify the name and choosing the image of the ‘pinned’ link, it is easy to create many ‘boards’ for various topics. So now I am migrating old bookmarks and Delicious links into a friendlier format.


Social Tech

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