Hello, Airbnb!

My new square dance traveling buddy and I have agreed to share lodging in Chicago for the Chi-Town Squares “The Great Chicago Crossfire” dance weekend, commonly known as a fly-in. It is held in October during Columbus Day weekend, which also happens to be Chicago Marathon weekend. Hotel prices are pretty steep, so another option…


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Tarot Reading #1

    PAST: Knight of Pentacles. “A responsible, patient, hard-working man. Also denotes usefulness, ability to serve.” PRESENT: Page of Cups. “A thoughtful or artistic young man willing to help the seeker. Can also signify new ideas in business.” FUTURE: Five of Cups. “Indicates some loss in the process of receiving something.” Tonight, I pondered…

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Third Time’s the Charm for Slack

Working efficiently in community teams can be challenging. I’ve joined a new committee for my local square dance community, and the chair strongly advocates using Slack over emails for sharing information. As previously noted with a different committee, Slack didn’t seem very useful. Maybe this time it will work? From what I can see, he…


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Tessier Family Reunion

The Thesier-Tessier-Dechene-Brunet Family Reunion is celebrating its 90th anniversary family reunion this summer. A website was created to more easily share family history information, and a business card will be passed around at the reunion to help people stay connected. The maple leaf border motif is used to honor the family’s Canadian roots. Text font:…

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