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Christmas Music Wish List

Some albums that I need to add to my substantial collection. Some of these I used to own when I was younger but lost along the way, or exist as cassette tapes and I have no equipment with which to play them. UPDATE: Purchased Christmas Harmony 2017-01-17. Just as beautiful as when I first heard…

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Aquarian Tarot

I have also been fascinated by the mysterious power of the Tarot. There are hundreds of decks in various styles, but The Aquarian Tarot has been my favorite. It was drawn by David Palladini in 1970, using art deco and art nouveau styles to give the medieval imagery a modern update. My favorite cards of…

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Hello, Pinterest!

In the old days, newspapers printed occasional recipes that might be cut out and saved, likely taped to an index card and filed away in a tiny box. Then the Internet came along, and recipes could be found online. Maybe you printed them out, or stored them in your Netscape bookmarks. Remember Netscape? And then…

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