A Night at the Ballet Preview

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I always look forward to Halloween. This year is particularly exciting because I chose a costume that was going to be multi-purpose: tying into the theme of the upcoming orchestra concert, something ‘skirtish’ for contradance camp, and just plain cute. Since the theme of the concert is ballet music, I decided to be a ballerina. Checking on the internet for instructions of making a tutu was easy; cutting the glitter tulle left a sparkly trail on the carpet; adding the feather ‘belt’ was a nice touch. I ordered the leotard, tights and slippers from Discount Dance Supply, though I needed to reorder the slippers. Size 15 wide!

At Dance Camp, the Saturday night dance is a costume/festive attire affair. There is a tradition of men wearing skirts, so the tutu was a win-win idea. Sadly, because of Superstorm Sandy, the orchestra’s Halloween rehearsal was canceled at which there was going to be a costume contest. I’m pretty sure I would have nailed the ‘Best Use of Theme’ category.

Trick or Treat!


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