Saturday Night Fever

The Annual LCFD Autumn Dance Camp in Becket, Massachusetts. A marvelous weekend of dancing and hugging and singing and everything there is to love about life. Elixir with Nils Fredland calling at the Saturday night dance in which “festive dress” is encouraged. Elixir features Nils Fredland calling, trombone and vocals; Ethan Hazzard-Watkins: fiddle; Jesse Hazzard-Watkins: trumpet and flugelhorn; Anna Patton: clarinet and vocals; Owen Morrison: guitar and foot percussion. They remain my all time favorite contra-band.

I can be seen in my too-too-cute tu-tu in the right set. People often ask “Why do men wear skirts in this kind of dancing?” The answer: “It looks and feels great.”  That’s it.

Video courtesy of Doug Heacock


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