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Hello, WordPress!

Welcome to designs by jiminy! This is when it all begins. At least on WordPress. I have been wanting for some time to create a site about me and what’s going on in my world. I am tired of the Facebook. So today’s that day. <cue Rent soundtrack ‘No Day But Today’> Happy discovery!

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Hello, Ancestry!

Once again, I sign up for a free membership to a site and don’t take advantage of it for some time.  I created an account with back in February, but really didn’t do much with it. So today, I decided to sign up for a (discounted) six-month World Explorer Membership. This is going to…

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Hello, MediaMan!

After attending a seminar on digital archives at Columbia University, I learned about personal library cataloging software. How many years have I worked in libraries, and yet, had never cataloged my own library? Granted, I did have a box of index cards of citations from college, but that was many years ago, and who knows…

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Hello, Evernote!

A colleague at Columbia University Libraries gave a presentation on “new technologies in personal archiving” today. While I try to keep up with technology, there is much to discover. Many are the ways to create, save, and archive one’s digital existence. Of particular interest was the introduction of using mobile devices to create and access…

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Hello, okcupid!

So, it has been a year-and-a-half since I ended my relationship with Roch. Some of those other ‘dating’ sites have been great for window-shopping, and occasionally chatting, but not so great at meeting guys in person. Going to give this site a try and see what happens. If nothing else, at least the quizzes look…

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Hello, Facebook!

It’s time to embrace this new form of social connection. Enter, Facebook. I’m told that this is an improvement upon friendster, another internet service for providing connections to friends and random strangers. At this point in time, one must have an email account associated with a school, i.e. it ends with an .edu instead of…


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