Hello, Evernote!

A colleague at Columbia University Libraries gave a presentation on “new technologies in personal archiving” today. While I try to keep up with technology, there is much to discover. Many are the ways to create, save, and archive one’s digital existence.

Of particular interest was the introduction of using mobile devices to create and access lists. Shopping lists, to do lists, packing lists – you can make ’em and take ’em wherever you go. I am getting to the stage of life where lists are essential, if one remembers to take the papers upon which they are written. Enter Evernote.

Lists can be organized into special “notebooks” and keyword tagged for easy searching and retrieval. Another useful feature is the synching between multiple devices, so everything is current.

I am definitely going to use this, and stop the scribbling on papers that aren’t where I need them when I need them.

evernote- header

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