Apple Fritters at Broadway Idol

The Apple Fritters entertained the arriving guests: (l-r) Brandon Travan, Amy Nichols, Jim Babcock, Santo Marciano, and Howard Ladd

The biergarten ensemble of the LGBAC, Apple Fritters, performed at the final round of Broadway Idol at the New World Stages, hosted by the New York Music Festival. We performed our usual repertoire from the chart-book ‘Hungry Five Go to Germany’. No.9 remains my personal favorite.

Without any budget for costumes, and no one owning any liederhosen, I went out and bought the hats, suspenders, and socks. Khaki shorts and white shirts completed the ‘uniform’. The effect was more Pennsylvania Dutch, or Amish, rather than German. The show must go on, and I think people appreciated the effort, even if some of the players did not.

l-r: Brandon Travan, trumpet; Amy Nichols, clarinet; Jim Babcock, trombone; Santo Marciano, clarinet; Howard Ladd, baritone saxophone.





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