Client Project : T-shirt [2017 LCFD Dance Camp]

After a successful revival of the mandala tshirt, I thought it was time to bring back an annual t-shirt for Lavender Country and Folk Dancers. Contradancing is very aerobic and makes you sweat, so having extra t-shirts is useful. Plus, it’s an advertisement for the events, so I opted to make one that could be worn all year.

Having taken on the role of programmer in 2015 and talent booker earlier this year, I was prepared to have all the callers and bands contracted early. This way, all the names could be displayed on the back of the t-shirt, similar to listing all the tour dates that rock bands sometimes do.

To increase support for future purchases, I laid out three options and let the dancing community vote for the favorite. This seemed like a good idea, but it was not without drama. One design included transgender figures, commissioned by one board member, was not well received by another. In the end, that design did not receive much support and the circular design was deemed the “winner.”

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Fonts: Neutra Drafting, Neutra Titling, Neutra Inline, Housebroken 2


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