How I Discovered Contradancing

It is a snowy evening, and the marching band is hosting a fundraiser at the LGBT Center as part of the 25th year celebrations. While we are amusing ourselves on the first floor with yet another Powerpoint presentation of the marvels of the LGBAC, there is a costumed Winter Ball happening on the third floor, hosted by the Center Contra group. Fortuitously, there is a couple who are each involved in these groups: John Bauder, band trumpeter,  and Chip Prince, dance pianist, who is upstairs playing for the Ball. I’m not sure how John does it, but he convinces Chip to come downstairs, bringing along the darling caller, Chris Ricciotti. He teaches us two easy dances, and I think this is the best thing. Ever.

Center Contra hosts a monthly dance, and a number of us Apples show up the next month in January. This is when I fall in love with Linda Leslie, the caller of the evening. Such a terrific teacher; she is so gentle and good-humored. I mostly remember Michael Spinella leaving almost immediately because of motion sickness; the man can’t swing!

Update 2014: I only return there occasionally, now and then, every few months. I don’t become a regular until 2007. I even attend a beginner’s workshop to refresh the basics in April 2007. It takes me yet another two years to attend a dance weekend [Dance Camp!], and I vow never to miss another LCFD camp. Still going strong since Becket, October 2009

Why do I wait so long?


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